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There lie the four words “shall not be infringed”, skipped over, but still left from the Amendment like to mock us, that some politician passed over when he was chaotic defending the Structure so enable him god, executing nothing at all. nicholsda

Chairman’s memorandum; collection manager; blend module; configuration administration; Management modem; countermine; cruise missile

(U.S. Marine Corps and Canada) Elastic straps or coiled springs used to roll trouser legging under for the boot and simulate tucking into the boot itself; used in blousing boots.

To mention only you probably did the battling is childish and clarifies why you had been just a grunt. Just who do Consider offered each of the communications, radar guidance, intelligence plus the like? It wasn’t you.

embarked protection workforce; crisis services group; unexpected emergency assistance crew (FEMA); en route assist staff

, in an effort to help it become "rain indoors". Lore states of "rain makers", organization commanders usually rumored to generally be answerable for other units who could make guest appearances at cycles in an effort to achieve the results of "raining indoors", due to the fact that the sweat from the recruits will result in condensation to develop inside the home and leak down through the ceilings. See tekan and quarterdecking."

Canadian air division; cartridge actuated machine; collective deal with designator; contract administration delegation

(Singapore) Walking about with one's arms in his pockets, referring to an individual beating off, as in 'Quit enjoying pocket billiards when I'm speaking with you!'

(U.S.) A Soldier or Marine positioned within a high placement in urban warfare to deliver overwatch and canopy to helpful units shifting below.

(Canada) Private Understanding Underneath a Gun, this Soldier is so Silly he requires a gun to his head to comprehend (this utilization is possibly a backronym for plug, which the Oxford English Dictionary defines being an "incompetent or undistinguished human being"[four], utilization courting to 1848)

Once we move it, the Sailor is expected to use a boathook and snag the mailbag. The Sailor is outfitted with major weather equipment, a Mae West lifejacket, helmet and boat hook. He's then paraded close to to the "compliments" of much more seasoned Sailors.

The Soviets created and captured a click here whole wide range of weapons very last century. It is far from so tough to think that amount could possibly be 10s of millions.

(U.K. and Canada) "Returned To Device"—despatched back to the house regiment or foundation from a specialised education institution as the result of failure or disciplinary action. "Once the mess had been cleared up there was just one result … RTU!"

carrier-managed tactic; central contracting authority; circuit card assembly; fight cargo assistant; container Handle exercise; contamination control area; contingency capabilities assessment; agreement construction agent

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